Area Barbara Bologna

Interview for Nasty Magazine.


While drifting into the most profound depths of the void, an infinite variety of atoms at undefinite time and uncertain place suddenly change direction; they collide, unite in complex entities called clusters. And it’s the same spontaneous power of movement that connects by certain swerve, sculpture, theatre, body art, music and fashion in the multiplicity of her circumstances.

What does AREA stand for?

AREA is a space in which i exist, along with everything that i believe as being akin to my vision. A space that sometimes is awfully empty, some other times awfully crowded;in some moments even the space itself gets swallowed.

Is there a piece that you fancy most out of all your creations so far?

Every time I am madly in love with the newest creation and I deeply hate  the previous one. Furthermore, I don’t see the collections as something  separated, I see only one, unique, body instead.

How difficult do you find it to maintain independence and autonomy for your brand in the current fashion system? How much have you compromised so far?

I always thought that difficulty is something that drives human beings to surpass limits – and this is applyable in my case as well. I do not believe in compromises, I believe in a natural evolution in my work instead, something that drags my choices in every collection.

Considering that you were born in Italy, how do you relate to the concept of heritage and tradition?

There are things belonging to tradition embodied in my being while there are also others that I maybe do not consider rationally, gliding, but they are still part of myself. I would avoid talking about the Made in Italy… italian artisanality has a well known interesting value.  For me, Italy, is a real opportunity to find everything i could wish for, in the way I could wish for; and together with the special people around me that make my visions possible – this is what constitutes heritage for me.

You have embodied various paths along the way, from sculpture, body art, theatre,  to fashion and you always mention music as being an essential element. How did music left a mark on you?

Music is fundamental, it has always been so in every stage of my life. Music makes me see, makes me live, it completes me. There is a precise sound belonging to each collection, something that i am listening to almost compulsively, every day, until the work is completed.

Is there any difference in this moment between your concept of Self-image (how you see you, how you are) and the one of Ideal self-image (how you would like to see yourself, how you would want to be)?

I do not need to see me, I need to feel me. If this happens the outside identically matches the inside. How I would like to be? The way I am.

Style can be seen as an expression of one’s identity. Therefore if we, as individuals, are influenced by many variables that modify and change us continuously, our style cannot be seen as constant either. Which is the element that shapes and structures your life and aesthetic?

We are always in mutation and our bodies as well. It would not be possible to stop all this and remain identical forever, it would not even be exciting.  My shapes, structures, my aesthetic, are derived from a set of things that i observe around me. It would be rather simplistic to make a list, there are too many things that I see and that may seem uselles at a certain point in time, but then they re-emerge from an inner turmoil. My mind creates a clear image out of blurred ones, and it is that image that I am following until achievement. My life is a breathless race towards the impossible.

How would you define beauty?

Beauty is Beauty.

What is happiness for you?


photography / Gautier Pellegrin
words / Anca Macavei