Damir Doma Prima Aria SS16

If one follows the ways of the world, his heart will be harmed and easily led astray; if you loose yourself among people, your words will be guided by others’ responses rather than speaking true from your heart. There’s a wind of simplicity, freshness and quiet elegance blowing mildly from Paris to Milan this season. “Prima aria” stands for the relaxed beauty of things unconventional, for purity and a certain mystery. Damir Doma is bringing along with him raw beauty embodied in soft tailored garments with unfinished drapes and architecturally inspired cuts. Just like buddhist philosophers of former times, he is leaving intentionally open some missing chapters towards becoming: a conceptual aesthetic with just the right kind of imperfection to it, which in the process of construction, adds only uniqueness and comfortable elegance to all the pieces he creates. Nothing lasts, nothing is finished and nothing is perfect.


Exclusive backstage report at Damir Doma SS16, Garage Sanremo, Milan.

photography / Marco Giuliano
words / Anca Macavei