Quantum Love

Essay for Nasty Magazine.


Twin-Paradox, or how far you can travel from Earth

Alienated being, with sky-high expectations from the daily life, Philia decides to take a vacation from the civil society and adventure in a journey to outer-space. After traveling at high altitudes with the speed of light she returns home on Earth at her twin Ren. But surprisingly, the once identical, almost symbiotical twins realize a strange age difference between them. Bare-feet, stripped of all emotions, with white hair, white body and a distant look, Ren quietly thinks for himself “Philia must have got into a love story with Time, as her nude look appears years younger than mine. And her hair! Her hair seems to be made in the dark. She must have discovered the secret of the perfect shade of black, the primordial one, the dry Black out of which we all came about in the beginnings.”


Blackbodies don’t fall in love.

The ideal body, as per the current standards of beauty, can be called a blackbody. The blackbodies act as receivers of all types of emotions from the people surrounding them, neither reflecting nor transmitting feelings at their turn. In a state of bewildering mysticism and nuclear strength, they are the unmasked world wanderers that seem to have unfolded all life’s mysteries. Their state of plenitude and void and the incorruptible value of perfect “personas” is now sought after by so many. But it is them who control the earth that control the moon as well. And they are the masters of their own destinies and the captains of their own souls.


Novikov and the lovers self-consistency principle.

It would not matter. If I warned him that she is a female statue carved from ivory in an alternate Past, she will become human from his wishes. If I warned him that she comes from a white, lunatic, decentered Future, he will become atemporal from her wishes. Had I warned them that they are not contemporaries of the same Present, Tomorrow they would still fall in love. Had I warned them there is only empty space between them, they would still whisper their love stories in interior monologue. Lovers don’t follow your laws of chance. There is not enough dust in the universe, they can still see the distant stars.


The-many-worlds love odyssey.

The world is nothing but a decohesive love story. And eery Ai chose astral Albert in her A universe, but she loves quircky Hugh somewhere in the MWT Universe, and there is edgy Erwin that is being loved in SCSE one and.. and.. she loves Plank,  Niels, and there is of course visionary Everett among her favorites, for making love odyssey in simultaneous “multiverses” possible. And so she lives happily ever after without being aware of herself in any other versions of the universe – into timelessness. Love is not a man-made idea, she also loves you somewhere in the infinity. To all those of you who though that love is dead.


Occam’s razor, or how Perfection loves Simplicity.

2 + 0 = 2

2 – 0 = 2

2 x 0 = 0

2 / 0 = (?)

Give me one reason for which you don’t exist.

Published in Nasty Magazine, The Lovers Issue.

photography / Adam Katz Sinding
words / Anca Macavei